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我们一直在视觉营销及品牌推广领域深度耕耘,聚集了海内外大神级创作人,诸多集创意 执行 媒体三位一体的国际4A级视觉营销团队。 从不会止步于某种风格和形式,希望能够协同优秀的创作人,一起创造更多有生命的作品。



Job Responsibilities

This position is aimed at senior advertising directors with more than 3 years of independent contract production of film and television advertising projects;

Write planning scripts based on customer intentions, so that customer requirements can be perfectly transformed into multimedia promotional products;

Participate in marketing planning to enhance the corporate brand image;

Those who have a certain degree of hand-painted storytelling, or the ability to speak in English are preferred;

Experience in marketing planning and independent directing of commercials, proficient in visual language, strong creative ability, and keen market insight;

Have strong proposal communication skills, good communication and organization skills and teamwork spirit;

Have considerable experience in film and television post-production and independent guidance of advertising film and television works are preferred;

Relevant personnel with experience in studying abroad in Europe and the United States or related work experience in European and American film and television are preferred;

Have an independent personal studio, or a film and television production team is preferred.


Job Responsibilities

College degree or above, film and television director or film-related major;

Be able to operate a variety of camera equipment proficiently, have rich on-site organization and scheduling shooting experience for corporate feature films, promotional films, commercials, micro films, etc., and be able to independently complete various pre-shooting tasks;

Strong sense of lens and creativity, ability to control the shooting scene, and able to complete shooting work independently. Have a deep understanding and execution ability of the current professional camera equipment lens application; proficient in all aspects of photography such as photography lighting, scenery, styling, etc.;

Have good innovative thinking and unique shooting style, works can be accepted and loved by the public, can clearly express their ideas and good communication skills;

Possess a solid art foundation, a strong sense of color, and a unique perspective on visual expression; quick thinking, able to flexibly understand the intentions of the choreographer and director for creative shooting;

Intention to develop in the direction of director;

Will edit