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The application of 3D animation technology has injected new vitality into furniture product design

In recent years, the emergence of computer technology has changed the development form of animation technology, and 3D animation technology is also emerging and developing. Three-dimensional animation technology integrates vision and hearing, can convey the appearance, performance, purpose and structure of the product, and has vivid visual characteristics. Although the furniture industry has gradually begun to use 3D animation technology, there are still many problems in these furniture industries. In order to solve the above problems, this article selects specific cases to illustrate the animation design methods of the furniture industry.

Furniture three-dimensional animation renderings

3D animation is a widely used technology, almost used in various industries such as beauty, clothing, and luxury goods. Film and 3D animation are combined through post-production technology, and the publicity effect is very significant. The furniture industry is no exception. The introduction of Internet technology elements into the furniture industry has brought about major changes to the traditional furniture industry. The application of 3D animation technology has injected new vitality into the furniture product design.


1. The application of 3D animation technology in production management.

Furniture factories have three major characteristics: First, high labor intensity; second, low quality of employees; third, labor-intensive enterprises. The method of concentrated training or master guidance is usually used to solve the problems in production. This method has many problems, such as long training period, etc. The emergence of 3D animation technology can solve this problem well. With the help of 3D animation technology, furniture can be The production process, standards, and machine operations of the company are vividly displayed, and at the same time, it can also save labor training costs. It can be seen that the advantages of 3D animation technology are very obvious.

2. The application of 3D animation technology in offline marketing.

Marketing is the way for furniture companies to survive and develop. Before the emergence of 3D animation technology, furniture companies’ marketing methods for their products were very simple, such as commonly used clerk dictation, product brochures, etc. Since the advent of 3D animation technology, animation has been used. Displaying the image of the furniture is intuitive and vivid, with good visual effects. It is deeply loved by customers and has won unanimous praise from customers. It has strong competitiveness.

3. The application of 3D animation technology in teaching.

Using animation simulation technology to simulate the structure of furniture, compared with the pictures and text descriptions in traditional books, the cultural characteristics of classical furniture can be displayed and explained in an all-round way through animation, so that the audience can have a more specific understanding. For some functional furniture, animation can be used as a guide for the use of electronic products to guide users to use the product.

4. Internet applications.

Use furniture animations to display product designs, materials, functions, and color matching online to attract customers to physical stores.