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3D Architecture Roaming Animation Production Company Introduction

3D architectural comics production companies often use 3D architectural comics production software when making 3D architectural roaming animations. The best in 3D architectural comics production is the color of the later stage. Color is very important for the production of 3D architectural comics. Building roaming animation and rendering include three-dimensional modeling, three-dimensional lighting, building rendering and other technical links, of which color matching is the key. Next, Hu Yi Company will introduce to you. Three-dimensional architectural animation roaming.


Architectural Walkthrough Animation Production Company

Building roaming animation is a cartoon showing buildings and related activities. In order to let the audience experience the spatial sense of the building, software design is usually used to express the designer's intention. The animation of "Architecture Walkthrough" has played an active role in the display of architectural design schemes, real estate sales, project bidding, and project construction.

After the rendering of the building roaming animation is completed, it is necessary to import post-production software for color correction and add special effects to make the picture more attractive. You can't simply cut out the unused parts or the parts needed for connection, but use AE and other software to achieve special visual effects.

The price of a three-dimensional architectural roaming animation is about several hundred yuan per second, so its post-color matching can increase the realism of the architectural roaming animation, giving people a vivid effect and leaving a deep impression. After more than ten years of development, Hu Yi Animation Company has produced many types of animation works, including roaming three-dimensional animation, ancient architectural three-dimensional animation, and architectural engineering three-dimensional animation. If you want to know about architectural animation projects, you can consult our website customer service.