wenfeng 发表于 2021-03-05 10:59:46

The combination of modeling and materials in 3D animation production

Brand is the only way for enterprise development; with the continuous development of 3D animation production technology, more and more companies choose 3D animation to produce product films to increase their corporate reputation. Therefore, what issues should be paid attention to when making 3D animation? The following editor will introduce for everyone;


The modeling and material selection in the production of 3D animation is the modeling part of the animation production of the corporate video, which is mainly aimed at modeling the characters with performance ability in the enterprise. The 3D model needs 3D animation software to simulate, and the character modeling in the corporate video needs to pay attention to the protection of portrait rights. The matching style of character clothing needs to be selected. Generally speaking, in the selection of materials, it is necessary to show a sense of reality and reflect that work clothes and overalls are an important brand image of the company. When purchasing, you must have a deep understanding of the company's clothing, perfect the three-dimensional animation production of the corporate video, and obtain it reasonably.

Three-dimensional animation perspective The choice of perspective of the animation lens of the creative corporate promotional film makes the three-dimensional effect of the promotional film more obvious, and the lens can complete the picture experience of the promotional film from multiple angles. In general, from the perspective of the camera, the animation's movements are very experienced and left a deep impression on the audience. Remember, these two issues play a crucial role in the quality of your 3D animation. The above content is related to the company's 3D animation promotional film compiled by Bian Xiao.