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Car advertising application 3D animation production special effects to attract users to watch

As we all know, it is not easy to make an advertising video with a three-dimensional animation of an enterprise product, which is reflected in car advertising. Taking into account the differences in products, the main content and artistic techniques of advertising videos of the same model in different regions will be very different.

China's car sales have gradually increased, and it has been ranked first in the world for so many years. The market situation is severe and the marketing methods are diverse, especially the production of promotional videos. Korean dramas became popular, and European and Pakistani male protagonists became the darlings of advertising. However, the car advertising video does not clearly state the market positioning and advantages of the product, which seems to consume a promotion opportunity. And a manufacturer is novel and unique, does not invite male gods, writes advertising copy with heart, and combines three-dimensional animation production to produce infectious advertising videos. There are not only the trails of the magnificent mountain and river village promotional film production company, but also the highway. In addition, the car stuntman constantly turns on special effects, as well as cool three-dimensional scenes and three-dimensional animation special effects. In just 2 minutes, a lot of eye-catching elements have been gathered.


Let the audience enjoy watching, and will bring a deep impression.

In the Chinese advertising market, considering that designers have not received enough respect and voice, advertising media companies have sufficient creativity, and after the "processing" of manufacturers, they have become inconspicuous. In a series of car advertisements, if there are one or two impressive highlights, it can be regarded as a high score advertisement.

With the advent of the era of wisdom, short video software has become more and more popular and has become an important way of people's lives. In order to seize the business opportunity, seize the business opportunity, make rational use of the opportunities of this era of Shenzhen promotional video production company, and conduct brand and corporate product video marketing according to the characteristics of corporate video production. Although it only takes a few minutes, the company’s corporate video production seems simple, but its flexible and direct mode integrates text, patterns, images, sound effects, animation production, and animation special effects, which attracts most of the audience's attention. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, promoting the production of good corporate videos will bring many economic benefits. Make your company's promotional videos more effective!

1. A good team will give professional recommendations.

The filming of the company's promotional video was originally planned by the screenwriter. I often listen to the planner and say that creative copywriting must have something to point out. Frankly speaking, the production of corporate videos must conform to the characteristics of the client company. This is also the first thing the filming team must do. As a client company, it must be based on maximizing benefits. I look forward to showing more highlights in the video, including corporate products, brand image, corporate culture, and background strength. However, this is almost impossible. Taking into account the time limit of the audience's attention, usually only emphasize the goal of a certain function.

2. A good team must be equipped with professional equipment.

Companies generally find a dedicated video production team to shoot corporate videos and attach great importance to their professionalism. This is not only the main content of commercial advertising copywriting planning, but also the main content of shooting, including shooting methods and perspectives. For amateurs, the professionalization of application equipment is irreplaceable.