wenfeng 发表于 2021-01-23 09:29:02

Economic Benefits and Appreciation Value of 3D Animation Production

Household appliances are commonly used household appliances. The user manuals for household appliances can be clearly seen based on the text description and legends. However, in the face of the English version of the household appliances manual, everyone is usually a mess. So, in this case, how to let everyone quickly master the operation method of imported home appliances? The following is an introduction to the 3D animation video designed by Wenfeng Animation. Through the production of 3D animation, customers can understand the operation method at a glance.


In recent years, 3D animation production has become more and more popular, and more and more stores have seen the economic benefits and appreciation value of 3D animation production. Based on the production of a three-dimensional animation of more than ten minutes, the internal structure, basic principles, usage of each component, installation and operation methods of imported electrical appliances can be displayed, and the audio commentary in the form of video can be used to make consumers clear the two. I know how to use the product, and I don’t need to read these instructions in foreign languages that I can’t read or understand.

As a natural gas water heater salesperson, if she introduces the imported natural gas water heater operation method, basic principle and practical application effect to the customer in detail, she will need a lot of time to explain the operation manual, and the customer may not understand it. Assuming that a three-dimensional animation video is to be made, the imported natural gas water heater can be installed from the installation to the application, and then to each stage, until the result-the water from the shower head is displayed in a real, clear and extreme manner. It takes less time and the customer can see it again. It is clear that it not only saves the economic costs of stores and customers, but also greatly stimulates customers' desire to buy.