wenfeng 发表于 2021-02-21 11:06:14

The complete process of making a 3D animation promotional film

The 2021 millennium; everything recovers, the market is picking up, and the business environment is thriving; more companies choose to adopt cutting-edge marketing methods for corporate brands and products; such as: creative advertising, three-dimensional animation production and rendering refined presentation ; Wenfeng Film and Television's opening of the year to upgrade the service level of the team, has a higher standard to plan commercial advertisements; 3D animation promotional films are gradually being applied to various fields. So how to make a 3D animation promotional video? Today, the editor will take you to understand.

The complete process of making a 3D animation promotional film is divided into the following steps:

1. According to the creative script, divide the shots and draw the movement of the scenes to pave the way for three-dimensional production;

2. Establish simple models of the scenes, characters and props of the story;

3. Make a storyboard based on the script and storyboard;

4. Character models, three-dimensional scenes, and three-dimensional prop models are accurately made in three-dimensional software;

5. Set the color, texture, texture, etc. of the model according to the script design;

6. According to the analysis of the story plot, set some pre-animation actions for the model that needs animation;

7. Make performance animations for each shot based on the shots and time of the storyboard in the storyboard;

8. Set the lighting of the animation scene to render the atmosphere;

9. Animation special effects settings;

10. In the later stage, the dubbing, background music, sound effects, subtitles and animation are matched and synthesized one by one, and finally a complete three-dimensional animation promotional film is produced.

An excellent three-dimensional animation promotional film relies on creativity, emotion, and style. However, understanding these theories and mastering the theoretical foundation is definitely the hope of success, and you can analyze, evaluate and explain a film. I believe that as 3D technology continues to mature, 3D animation promotional films will become more and more popular.