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Advantages and precautions of enterprise feature film production

The corporate feature film is a cultural form between news and corporate art, which must have both the authenticity of news and the aesthetics of art. So what is a corporate topic? What are the advantages and functions of enterprise-level topics? Nowadays, promotional film production companies no longer simply or individually produce promotional films, but at the same time produce documentaries and commercials, including video clips. The content of this film is very rich, and it is determined according to the specific situation of your company. It generally includes corporate culture, corporate development experience, corporate founder profile, corporate business philosophy, etc. Let us look at the advantages of corporate production of this film.


Enterprise feature film production flow chart

A feature film is a film centered on a topic, usually used to describe something or tell people a certain science. In terms of content, the feature film is divided into three parts: city image, corporate image and product image. Today we mainly introduce the corporate image feature film.

A business topic is like a business card, using information such as sound and video, and the rhythm of music, in a relaxed environment, to truly show the spirit, culture, products and development of business. It can effectively promote corporate culture, enhance corporate image, better display corporate products and services, establish a good corporate image, and enhance brand affinity. The corporate feature film provides a full range of support for the business operation of modern enterprises, and has become a brand-new marketing tool, technical support and management tool for enterprises.

Through the production of corporate feature films, help you attract investment, expand the market, promote corporate culture, and promote the spirit of enterprise, so that your company will be more known to peers and partners, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of enhancing corporate brand value and promoting sales purpose. Whether it is production of promotional videos or special features, as long as it is good, it is a win-win for culture and interests!

What are the main points to pay attention to in the production of special promotional videos? The thematic propaganda film based on the Internet shows the audience the background, development and team concept of the company in a more intuitive way, so that the audience has a clearer understanding of the company, which is helpful to the establishment of the company's image. Precautions for the production of thematic promotional videos:

One is that the production of thematic promotional videos should pay attention to the writing of commentaries. The explanatory language should be clear, the language should be fluent, understandable, the sentences should be short and concise, and the language should be vivid and colloquial. It allows the public to express their meaning clearly at the first time and win the favor of the public.

The production of thematic propaganda videos should pay attention to the performance details. The people and things recorded in the corporate propaganda videos can only show reasonable interest through vivid images, bright colors, and vivid and touching life scenes. The details are the performance of the characters, the building environment and the natural environment. The smallest unit, typical details can win more with less, and see the big from the small, play a finishing touch, thus leaving a deep impression on the audience.

In the end, the production of feature films should focus on the performance background, and the background is also called the environment. It is the basic component of the corporate video and the basis for the character's destiny and event development in the feature film. In addition, the production of thematic promotional videos should pay attention to the idea, and the idea of the corporate video should be complete and novel. The third is science is the most basic requirement. Only when the corporate video is well-conceived and well-made, can the content form be perfect. Corporate promotional videos, so that the thematic promotional videos can maximize the effect of publicity. The above are a few experiences of making special promotional videos, and I hope they can be used as a reference for everyone.