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Industrial 3D animation production companies pay more attention to the relationship between producti

In the 21st century to the present, the development trends in various fields in our country have shown a vigorous and prosperous scene, especially the development trend of the it industry. In recent years, the development and design of mobile payment software such as Alipay wallet, online banking, and WeChat payment has also brought the development trend of mobile e-commerce to a peak. With the slow development of the younger generation in my country, which is dominant in market demand, This generation of young people have a strong ability to accept new things and work. They also favor convenient and convenient methods. They can also not take them when they go out. They can take everything with their mobile phones. Special tools for transportation can be completed by mobile phone software such as Didi Express, especially for leisure and entertainment.


 Industrial 3D animation production renderings

With the continuous development of new things, manufacturing companies have just begun to have further promotion methods for their own product marketing strategies. When promoting products in the corporate image, a mobile phone or a laptop can replace heavy machinery and equipment products. Three-dimensional animation videos can be used to show the type, internal structure and product experience of mechanical equipment in multiple directions.

At this stage, manufacturing companies are increasingly demanding industrial 3D animation production, and there are more and more 3D animation production companies. It immediately caused the production standards of all three-dimensional animation manufacturing industries to be uneven, and the charging standards were more polarized. So, when a company chooses a suitable animation company for itself, how should animation quality and production price be selected?

First of all, when selecting and producing 3D animations of industrial products, we must establish whether we really have to carry out product demonstrations based on the technical methods of 3D animations. In fact, three-dimensional animation is the best choice when the real scene of the product is difficult, the cost is increased, or in some scenarios and some structures cannot be filmed. In the whole process of exhibitions and marketing, good quality animations are very easy to attract the attention of customers. Otherwise, three-dimensional animations made in order to chase fashion trends will not improve the experience of product interaction.

Secondly, now that you have chosen to make 3D animations, you need to firmly believe in the value of use to determine the price. The cost of 3D animation production is mainly labor costs. A technical professional 3D interior designer can only do animations of about ten seconds a day. This does not include the middle and late 3D rendering processes. If you want to make exquisite productions The three-dimensional animation must consume a lot of time. It is not difficult to see that it is easy to understand that 3D animation takes a long time to produce and the price is high. Two years ago, an advertising-level 3D animation production fee would be 20,000 yuan per second. Even if there have been many improvements in 3D animation talents in recent years, the standard has gradually improved, and the animation quality of one or two hundred per second actually It will not be very high either. However, if the company does not care about the quality of 3D animation, choosing a cost-effective 3D animation company is also the wisest choice.

In the end, choosing a 3D animation company to produce 3D animation is not only buying animation, but also buying the service items of this company. At this stage, there are still some companies that increase their charging standards in the middle and late stages of production. For example, one modification is completely free, and several modifications must be charged again. If the company refuses to pay, it can only obtain a semi-finished production animation. In order to prevent the occurrence of this kind of situation, when the company purchases 3D animation, it must not only master the production standards of the animation company, but also establish mutual responsibilities and obligations during early communication and promote a mutually beneficial and win-win situation.

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