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How much is a second for 3D animation production in China?

How much is 3D animation production cost per second? This problem is a headache for Party A’s fathers; because market quotations are endless; there are low-price bargaining spoilers; irresponsible companies’ quotations will run away; there are also high-priced and high-precision large-scale quotations. The company; the quotation is also several times higher than that of the peers; it leaves Party A confused; which one should I choose?


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Wenfeng Pictures has accumulated in the animation industry for many years; it has its own standard process for the price production process of three-dimensional animation production; let customers choose from the heart, the price is moderate; the quality is absolutely guaranteed; this is one of our cooperation principles;

The actual optimization algorithm for the price of 3D animation production:

1. Animation types. Everyone knows that there are many types of 3D animation production, and the price of 3D animation production is closely related to the type of animation. The reason: the type of animation can know the difficulty level of the 3D animation, the simpler the relative The more cost-effective the price, such as construction animation, the more difficult the relative price, such as character animation.

2. Animation pixels. Three-dimensional animations can generally be divided into SD, ultra-definition, high-definition, ultra-high-definition, dual-channel memory and five-safe channel animation or even higher pixels. In other words, the higher the level, the more expensive.

3. Full film, the most important point for the price of 3D animation is the full film of 3D animation, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, one minute to five minutes, the shorter the time, the higher, because the animation companies Cost fees are similar. The longer it takes, the more cost-effective the relative price.

4. Animation special effects, naked-eye 3D, three-dimensional actual effects, etc. Generally, general three-dimensional animation does not contain animation special effects. If you want to add animation special effects to a movie, the overall price is about 20%-30% more than the original price. The price.

5. Voice dubbing. The price of dubbing is considered the most cost-effective in 3D animation. Generally, 3D animation companies give it all for free. Generally, the price of dubbing is all deducted per minute. The price varies from 100 to 500 per minute. Look at the customer's requirements for the level of dubbing teachers.