SOLVIL TITUS Watch_Product Promotion Video

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The famous watchmaker and designer Paul Dison of SOLVIL TITUS watches was a prominent figure in the Swiss watch industry at that time. In 1887, Dyson named one of his watches Titus, from which Solvil et Titus was born. Paul Dison is particularly keen on the development of chronometer watches. The timepieces he created set the most accurate timekeeping records in many international authoritative tests at the Kew-Teddington in the United Kingdom and the Royal Observatory in Neuchatel in Switzerland. A wide range of products: from nautical watches to chronometer watches that use hours and minutes to automatically display the time of sunrise and sunset every day, from perpetual calendar watches to watches that ring the bell to signal the time, and all kinds of complicated functions Timepiece. These manufactured products are sold on the market under about 30 different brands, which proves Paul Dison's incomparable creativity, superb technology and pioneering spirit.

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