Seton lighting_Ake erection Ⅱ generation rail spotlight 3D

Wenfeng Film 发布于 2020-04-23 18:22:28 频道:3D

Mayalit Maya

Aker erection Ⅱ generation rail spotlight

Create infinite with finite


Simplicity on the outside, the universe inside

The second-generation edge, brilliantly illuminated


A variety of functional accessories, free combination, to meet a variety of purposes


Magnetic optical module, one-step assembly, convenient and efficient

Hidden comes from precision, multi-color lenses


Meet the needs of different scenarios

Rich accessories, rejuvenating art

No glare interference, ultimate visual enjoyment


Smart adjustment, flexible loading and unloading

Accurate scale, convenient rotation

Deep dimming, ultimate visual pursuit


Wellhead components, high efficiency and longevity

No stroboscopic flash design, comfortable visual enjoyment

Light up art, bloom the beauty of pure art

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